How it started

The story of a girl with two souls and beauty as the link between them.

Born and raised in Rome, I live between the Eternal City and the Big Apple!

I like to say about myself that I have lived many lives and in one of these I dedicated myself to the academic career and archaeological research.

After a Ph D. in Archaeology, two masters and years of conferences, university teaching and management of archaeological excavations, I decided to indulge my desire to train in the field of Image Consulting and at the same time.

In 2008, I obtained my license as a tour guide in Rome. I am the only woman in Italy who works as both a tour guide and an image consultant / personal shopper…feeling like a panda sometimes! 😊

Growth & Values

Tour like a local, shop well and be stylish in Rome

Today I take care of my company and my business reflects me and my multidisciplinary background.
NinainRome is a consolidated reality in which I organize events and offer tours of Rome as well as Shopping & Fashion experiences, classes on Fashion and its history in Rome, New York, Milan and Florence.


The activities I propose are designed both for individuals and professionals, such as buyers, cool hunters and/or students of Fashion Academies for educational programs. 


I always take my sweet time in developing new tours and experiences. I now offer six well-researched and well-curated Rome&Vatican Tours and I’m very proud of each. Try them all! 😊 There are also 9 Fashion & Shopping experiences and several styling services.

Not dimenticando a lot of very happy people that have taken my tours over the past 14 years!

Who I am today

Welcome to my colourful world!

It’s been a long time since my first tour. But some things remain the same.

Still today my goal is to ensure that YOU have a personal experience and to introduce locals and visitors to the ultimate, off-the-beaten-path cultural, historical and Fashion experiences. And that’s just what I do.

Let me take you on a journey that introduces you to my favorite neighborhoods, foods, designers and venues, while opening up a whole new world that is waiting to be explored.

I am into volunteering like Board of Dress Directors for Success in Rome, an association that deals with women and I train stylists.

Four Fun Facts About Me

Tour like a local, shop well and be stylish in Rome

I’m the proud mommy of Goliath,
an adorable 3 kilos sausage dog!


I’m a pizza addict: so if you’re looking for the best pizza place downtown, just ask me!


My secret passion? Collecting Vintage clothing


You can count up to 100 pairs of shoes and 55 bags in my closet (a lot of Vintage, for sure!).